Secured Gold Coin - SGC, is a Digital Asset / Medium of Exchange, is completely decentralized, is free of manipulation from entities, and have multiple utilities. SGC coins are specifically created for global usage with virtual wallets eliminating the need to carry physical cash. It is a secure, stable, and usable coin for all type of crypto users without the fear of a rapidly declining coin price. With the ability to spend, receive, and invest SGC coins with your current SGC Pay Debit Card, SGC coins are proven to be the safest and most reliable cryptocurrency in existence.


Basic features of SGC COIN are

A Universal Digital Asset / Medium of Exchange Currency

SGC is a global currency so spending across the borders is not an issue. SGC are tradeable and globally portable. As a valued hybrid cryptocurrency, SGC coins can be used for day-to-day payments or stored as an Digital Asset for the future.

WhitePaper SGC One Pager

SGC Founders

Qazi Ahmad Mukhtar
Founder and CEO
Alvia Wang
Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer